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TawnyDun Stud

Penny Makinson runs the TawnyDun Stud as a rare Connemara Pony Stud - it is possibly the only stud in England and Ireland not breeding with grey Connemara ponies, but using bay & dun (buckskin) ponies so that the foals will not carry the dominant grey gene.   Penny says ‘my foals will carry the agouti (bay) gene & sometimes the creme gene to produce bay and dun Connemara ponies who will not grey out as they mature - which is indeed very rare!’

Although the colour used is 'dun' for connemara ponies in Ireland, they are actually, genetically speaking, buckskin - a dilute of the agouti gene with the creme gene.

If you cannot see the photographs on our website - please email info@tawnydunstud.co.uk and we will be delighted to send you a selection.